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hutchinson Poly V® belt tensioners

Poly V® belt tensioners

Hutchinson is an original supplier and manufacturer of accessory tensioners.

Number of parts in the range: 355
Part number example: TS1407

An extensive range of accessory tensioners and pulleys

HUTCHINSON does the first-fit of many Poly V® drive belt engines and offers manufacturers complete systems that also include automatic tensioners and pulleys. These tensioners are also subjected to the wear and tear of normal vehicle use, start-ups, engine environment and climate. Often linked to the power steering system, manufacturers recommend replacing the accessory belt and tensioners at the same time in order to guarantee the best level of driving safety.

Original Hutchinson technology: hydraulic tensioner

The technology of the linear hydraulic dampening tensioners was developed exclusively by HUTCHINSON Transmission and is the subject of automotive patents. Widely used in first-fit applications, this technology makes it possible to attain significant levels of shock absorption for the most severe cases of application, especially on large engines: AUDI V8 petrol and diesel, PSA V6 petrol, FORD 4 cylinders 2l diesel, GM V8 petrol, SUZUKI Grand VITARA, Mercedes Actros.

They have a vital role of ensuring a maximum absorption of uneven rotations of the Poly V® belt, thereby protecting the auxiliary units such as the alternator pulley, the water pump or the crankshaft pulley against the vibrations of the accessories belt. With an unrivalled level of shock absorption, the hydraulic dampening tensioner rollers reduce a lot of vibrations at low speed, during transient phases (such as start-up and stopping) and thereby save on several other solutions. It also ensures significant longevity.

Mastery of complex materials: thermosetting pulleys

Designed in thermosetting phenolic resin, a recyclable material, smooth or streaked thermosetting rollers and pulleys have been developed for winding applications in an accessory context and for automatic tensioner rollers. They offer savings on weight and inertias, thereby improving the vibration and acoustic behaviour of the engine surface, while also saving fuel consumption. This Hutchinson technology is originally found on the Renault 2.2 l power steering pulley or Ford engines.