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hutchinson Poly V® belt kits

Poly V® belt kits

A complete spare parts kit for the Poly V® accessory belt system.

Number of parts in the range: 162
Part number example: KHV 125

Poly V® kit: a complete solution for the replacement of accessories belts


HUTCHINSON offers one of the most thorough and most reliable ranges in the world of Poly V® accessory belts available as automotive spare parts. As the main first-fit supplier, HUTCHINSON develops complete accessory belt systems for the manufacturers: tensioner rollers, pulleys and belts. As a direct result of this knowledge, HUTCHINSON has introduced a spare parts kit for accessory belts for easy maintenance.

HUTCHINSON recommends replacing the drive components along with the belt, as these also become worn, staring with the tensioner rollers. The role of the tensioner rollers is to keep the belt under tension and to dampen any operation vibrations. The rollers, much like the crankshaft dampening or alternator disengageable pulleys, are subjected to vibrations and must be systematically replaced along with the belt. An extensive range of Hutchinson Poly V® kits, including the grooved accessory belt, and the tensioner and take-up rollers, is now available to the repairer.

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