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hutchinson Timing belt kits

Timing belt kits

The complete solution for replacing the timing belt system.

Number of parts in the range: 433
European car population coverage rate: 95%

Part number example: KH 70

The optimum solution: the timing belt kit

The replacement of timing systems is always a delicate operation as it affects the operation of the engine itself. This operation clearly requires professional expertise but also requires replacement solutions of parts suited to each drive system and therefore to each engine. The Hutchinson timing kit solution (KH) is an ideal replacement solution and provides you with all the necessary parts:

- timing belts (1 or 2 depending on the application)
- tensioners,
- idlers,
- screws, plugs,
- installation instructions if replacement requires special attention.

Quality first

The range of Hutchinson timing belt kits is one of the most comprehensive on the market (90% to 96% of all cars covered, depending on the country) and ensures you will obtain parts with a quality equivalent to that of the original. The items comprising it have been designed, manufactured and tested to meet the manufacturers' quality requirements.

Thus the Hutchinson timing belt is made up of an elastomer mix specific to each application, a glass-fibre cable reinforced structure and a polyamide fabric. Furthermore, Hutchinson has undertaken the specific development of timing tensioners that are competitive and extremely reliable: their design has in some cases been improved (double bearing row, high quality oil, reinforced internal structure) to ensure a quality of performance equivalent to the original and even greater.


The most complete solution: the timing kit WITH water pump

When the water pump is driven by the timing belt, it is recommended to replace this at the same time as the belt and timing rollers. Thus, in addition to the timing belt kit range (KH101), Hutchinson offers a range of timing belt kits with water pump (e.g. KH101WP45). Changing everything at the same time avoids the costs of carrying out work on the timing belt a second time thus reducing labour costs and the costs of having the vehicle off the road.