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hutchinson Stretchy Poly V® belts

Stretchy Poly V® belts

The latest generation elastic Poly V® belt, an OEM technology.

Number of references in range: 40
Reference example: 1090 SK 6

STRETCHY POLY V®: the elastic original accessory belt

As pioneer of the POLY V® technology for accessory belts from the 80's, HUTCHINSON Automotive Spares now makes available to you the new generation of accessory belts, the STRETCHY POLY V® belt. Developed from 2000 on by HUTCHINSON for the new FORD engines, the STRETCHY POLY V® belt meets new requirements from the automotive manufacturers. Indeed, the use of a so-called elastic belt enables more compact and lighter engines to be developed by removing the tensioner roller. Currently, the elastic belt is meeting with great success in gradually replacing the POLY V® belt in OEM.

Numerous manufacturers around the world have placed their trust in the STRETCHY POLY V® belt for first-fit: Mercedes Sprinter, Mazda 3 and 6, Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Ford C-Max, Chrysler Voyager, Fiat Dublo, Volvo V50, BMW Series 3 and X3, Peugeot 206 and 207, Citroën C2 and C3, Alfa Romeo 159 and even Ferrari with the F136 or Hummer 3!

An exclusive HUTCHINSON assembly tool

hutchinson aftermarket Stretchy Poly V® belts


Unlike the POLY V® accessory belts, the STRETCHY POLY V® belts require the use of a tool to guide and force the belt into place in the pulleys. HUTCHINSON has therefore designed 2 universal tools with adjustable dimensions and suitable for fitting to a single or double crankshaft pulley.

Sold separately in a carrying case with an assembly sheet, the STRETCHY POLY V® TOOL BOX allows you to replace a belt simply. These tools are patented by HUTCHINSON and are the only ones on the market for fixing to the crankshaft pulley and allowing the professional to replace the belt on their own.
A manual may be downloaded from the site.