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hutchinson Poly V® belts

Poly V® belts

The belt with first-fit technology, a Hutchinson innovation available as a spare part.

Number of parts in the range: 590
European car population coverage rate: 98%

Part number example: 1750 K 6

POLY V®: a HUTCHINSON innovation for car manufacturers

hutchinson aftermarket Poly V® belts


HUTCHINSON offers one of the most thorough and most reliable ranges in the world of Poly V® accessory belts available as automotive spare parts. Dimensions and number of teeth are the main criteria for selecting a belt when replacing a Poly V® belt.

The Poly V® technology is a HUTCHINSON innovation which quickly became an essential for manufacturers, the first to adopt it being Mercedes with its 190 model in the mid-80's. Silent and able to withstand the new stresses of the engine environment, the ribbed Poly V® profile fully meets manufacturers' requirements in terms of drive surface area (see diagram comparing contact surfaces) and complex kinematics. Indeed, its flexibility allows it, unlike the V-belt, to drive a number of accessories simultaneously (in a coil) such as the water pump, alternator, power-assisted steering and air-conditioning, and other options which have become commonplace on touring cars in the 90's.

Now installed by all manufacturers, the Poly V® belt has totally superseded the traditional V-belt, making Hutchinson the leading original equipment supplier.

The moulded belt

Unlike other belts on the market, Hutchinson does not machine the teeth in its belts but uses moulds specific to each dimension of Poly V® belt. The Hutchinson process is more eco-friendly than the traditional machining process which produce up to 20% off-cuts which are difficult to recycle. It also provides greater precision in profiling the teeth guaranteeing an optimal surface quality and thus limiting any risk of friction noise on the belt.